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Appreciate All the Teachers in Your Life

This week is officially National Teacher Appreciation Week, and teachers deserve every ounce of gratitude, celebration, and recognition. In fact, the impact they make in the critical, formative years of our children is worthy of appreciation every day of the year. It’s the type of impact that can shape or change the course of someone’s life and leave an indelible mark on who they are and what they believe is possible. Many famous people give credit to a childhood teacher for making such a positive, and unforgettable, impression on their lives. 


Hillary Clinton agrees that “Every child should have someone in their life who helps them see, from the very beginning, that they have something of value to offer the world.” Academy Award-Winning Director, George Lucas admits that “We will never match the power of the teacher who is able to whisper in a student’s ear.” And, former NASA astronaut, and current professor, Mike Massimino says that his favorite teacher, “Saw the potential in me and encouraged me to fulfill that potential…she taught us to use our talents wisely and that the sky was not the limit.”


This is a wonderful reminder that no one achieves success alone. Everyone needs a champion and a cheerleader…someone who sees what they can’t see yet, who teaches and guides them, who wholeheartedly believes in them, and who supports and encourages them along the way. Spoiler alert – this powerful position is not exclusive to teachers. There are other people who have the ability and the opportunity to also make a positive, and lasting, impact in the lives of others. These people are leaders, managers, mentors, and coaches. The great ones, the ones you will remember fondly like an elementary school teacher, are the ones who care, the ones who are invested and committed to your growth and development, and the ones who teach you to understand that the “sky was not the limit”…that you are capable and made for so much more.


Follow the ON Point Action Plan and learn how to show appreciation for all the different types of “teachers” in your life.

7 Ways to Show Gratitude & Appreciation For All Teachers

  1. Say Thank You – a simple, heartfelt, handwritten thank you note never goes out of style & always goes a long way

  2. Write a Recommendation – put your positive words into action by writing a glowing recommendation for their LinkedIn profile

  3. Make a Referral – share their information & the positive impact they made on your life with others in need of similar support

  4. Lighten Their Load – make a meal or find a task, errand, or project that you could take on & that would make their life easier

  5. Treat Them – think of something special or extravagant they wouldn’t do for themselves & make it happen like a day at the spa or a night out

  6. Spend Quality Time – the gift of quality time with a special person is priceless & often means the most

  7. Stay in Touch – don’t let the people who have made a difference in your life fade away; stay connected & remind them often of their impact

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