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Our Approach

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Discovery and Design

The discovery and design phase is pivotal - setting the stage for success in every coaching engagement. It ensures clear goals, aligned expectations, and well-defined strategies. Once discovery is complete, the coach works with the client or team leader to craft a tailored coaching plan or leadership development program. Investing in this phase ensures a solid foundation, paving the way for significant growth and achieving high performance results.

Tools and Assessments

The tools and assessments phase is instrumental for gaining insights into leadership effectiveness and team dynamics. By leveraging a combination of leadership tools, assessments, and team surveys, coaches provide valuable insights and guidance to enhance leadership capabilities and foster high-performing individuals, teams, and organizations.

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Goal Setting and Accountability

The goal setting and accountability phase is essential for driving progress and achieving desired outcomes.  By establishing clear goals and accountability structures, executive coaches and team coaches empower their clients to take ownership of their development and performance. This phase fosters a sense of commitment, focus, and momentum, driving individuals and teams towards achieving their full potential and becoming high performers.

Success Metrics and ROI

The success metrics and return on investment (ROI) phase is crucial for evaluating the effectiveness and impact of coaching engagements. We offer tangible evidence, both qualitative and quantitative, of the value coaches bring in driving individual and organizational success and achieving desired outcomes. This phase underscores the significance of accountability and results-oriented coaching, ensuring that coaching engagements deliver measurable benefits and positive ROI.

Up the Blue Stairs

Sustainability and Leveling Up

When a coach off-boards clients, it marks a significant transition in their journey towards sustainability and leveling up their own personal and professional development. This phase is pivotal as it empowers the client to continue their growth trajectory independently, armed with the tools and strategies necessary for sustained success. 

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