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It’s Halftime –Assess, Adjust & Take Action

Most people associate “halftime” with a massive musical production or think of it as an opportunity to take a break and refill the snacks. That may be true if you’re watching the Super Bowl, but this month marks the halfway point in the year, and it’s flying by! H1 is almost over and H2 is about to begin, and this is when you think of your true “halftime.”

Halftime means rushing to the locker room, closing the door, and evaluating what went well in the first half and what needs to be tweaked in the second half to achieve your goals and win the game.

Everyone starts the year with big goals and a boatload of optimism. But after six months, things can change. Maybe you are off track or feel like you’re behind schedule, but there is still time to regroup and win the game before the final whistle blows. This is your spectacular halftime show – your time to reflect and take stock of how you did in the first half.

This is also the time to make necessary changes, adjustments, or modifications for the second half. Then, it’s time to put the new and improved game plan into action.

Follow the ON Point Action Plan to make sure your “halftime” is setting you up for success in the second half.

7 Steps to a Successful Halftime

  1. Take Time – just like in sports, designate specific time & attention to your professional halftime show

  2. Reflect – be honest with yourself & truly evaluate & assess your performance, effort, attitude & strategic game plan

  3. Ask for Feedback – a coach offers feedback & perspective in the locker room for a reason; ask people you trust for their insights & perspectives

  4. Celebrate Wins – even if you’re down on the scoreboard, find something to celebrate to create positive momentum & energy for the second half

  5. Make Decisions – when tweaking your game plan for the second half, decide what you will start doing, stop doing & continue doing

  6. Seek Support – to win the game in the end you may need to create more accountability, get your own executive coach, mentor or new teammate

  7. Finish Strong – whether you are ahead or behind at halftime, it’s important to keep your foot on the gas & to finish the year as strong as possible

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